Workshop: Learning to Lightning

“It was amazing! Super proud and happy to have you on the team!” - David Flores, my ex-boss at Fx Digital

“Roberto is our resident Lightning.js expert and regularly runs hugely impactful training sessions like the one shared here with the wider team and new joiners.” - Matthew Duhig, co-founder of Fx Digital.

The Context

I designed and facilitated a series of workshops on how to use Lightning.js, directed at frontend developers from Fx Digital. Said developers either included both people with little to no experience in Lightning.js as well as people with some experience who wanted to expand their knowledge.

The workshops were a series presentations that covered the following topics: - Basic Lightning.js concepts (Positioning, component hierarchy, component creation, etc.) - Creating Router-based apps - Components’ Lifecycle methods - Communicating between components with Signals - Using shaders with Lightning.js

The Material

These are some of the materials I used for the workshops:

  • Lightning.js documentation to better structure the workshop and help students understand the concepts
  • Presentation slides to help students follow along
  • Real-world project examples to show students how to use Lightning.js in a real-world scenario
  • Hands-on exercises to help students practice what they learned
  • Feedback survey to get students’ opinions for further improvement

Screenshot of the app developed during the workshop. It shows many different flags from countries all around the world.

The Challenge

One of the most difficulties I faced in organizing and delivering the workshop was the lack of reference material for Lightning.js. To overcome this, I referred to the documentation, used my own knowledge from working with the framework, and collaborated with other developers at Fx Digital to further develop the content.

The Outcome

The workshop was a success, shown by the great feedback that I received from the participants. They enjoyed the hands-on exercises and real-world examples, which helped them better understand the concepts. They also suggested ways to improve future workshops, such as including more exercises.

Additionally, this workshop helped me improve my Lightning.js skills and taught me how to create content for workshops that have limited references. I have since applied these lessons to other workshops I’ve created, adding more exercises and material for participants to continue learning about the topics covered.

Three screenshots from the workshop. First one shows a some code for a Lightning component. Second shows an app with a series of flags in a grid. Finally, the third shows discussed in the second part of the workshop