Workshop: Introduction to Git

The Context

This workshop was created so first-semester Computer Science students could learn about Git. It was focused on knowing why it’s essential to use it, how Git came to be, and practical elements of how to use its CLI. It was an hour-long workshop on fundamental concepts: repository creation, staging files, committing, pushing, pulling, and solving merge conflicts.

The Material

This workshop featured a few exercises where students would create their own repository. With it, students could practice every concept taught in the presentation locally and remotely through GitHub. Additionally, I showed students a few examples of how people use Git in their day-to-day work, featuring both open-source repositories and a few private repos of mine.

Three slides from the slideshow I used to my workshop. First slide shows a big, orange heading introducing the course. Second shows the process on how git stages and commits files. Finally, the third shows a lot of people clashing in the center of a battle field. This last one says "Git Merge" at the top.

The Challenge

For me, the biggest challenge was trying to cover everything in just an hour. For this reason, I started allocating and planning my time better while focusing on the most practical aspects of the tools. Since teaching this workshop, I’ve included more references and self-study material in my presentation. That way, students can learn more about how to use the tools I talk about.

The Outcome

This workshop was used throughout 2018 and 2019 to help over 150 students learn Git. It was very well received every time, and I got great feedback. Funny enough, this workshop later enabled me to become a professor associate at Tec de Monterrey! The skills I showed through teaching it and the good reviews I got helped me network with the people in charge of hiring new professors, which later led to my hiring.

Certificate of recognition that Tecnológico de Monterrey awarded me for the workshop

Certificate of recognition that Tecnológico de Monterrey awarded me for the workshop